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Pacific Northwest Proud

"The Candy Basket has a long history serving people in the Pacific Northwest, and we're proud to be here."


Starting long ago in 1914, the Shorthill Taffy Factory began producing classic saltwater taffy by William Shorthill. In 1939, The Candy Basket opened it's doors to produce old-style chocolate confections in it's original shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Fast forward many years... Shorthill Taffy was purchased by Fran Doran and the Candy Basket was purchased by Dick Fuhr. Down the line the taffy factory was taken over by Fran's daughter, Kipi, while the Candy Basket switched hands to Dick's son, Dale.

In 1998, the two companies merged together after a storybook romance between the two owners, bringing what we know at The Candy Basket-Shorthill Taffy today.


While over the years the two companies have seen some changes, a few things that haven't changed are the quality of the candy produced and our love for the Pacific Northwest and who we serve.

Offering wide varieties of locally hand-made confections and treats, we stay true to our home region by serving candy stores across the Oregon Coast, in the Portland Metro area, and beyond.

Taste of Oregon Sampler Box
Our Taste of Oregon sampler box! Filled with mint, hazelnut, caramel, pecan, and berry creams!

We offer a large line of products featuring Oregon and the Pacific Northwest with scenic views of coastal landscapes, our tremendous mountain ranges, the Portland Rose Garden, and more. All offering a taste of our area including mint, hazelnut, Oregon berries, and plenty more.

If you have the chance, come and visit our Factory Outlet Store where you can sample some of our goodies or ogle over our huge chocolate cascade. Factory OOPS (imperfect items) candies are offered at a discount and you'll see the full line of products we offer. Prepared fresh, there's a full line of our chocolate confections and walls of saltwater taffy in a variety of flavors ranging from classic Red-Hot Cinnamon to things like Dr. Pepper & Maple Bacon! We even decorate for every season, so make sure to stop by often to see our digs at different times of the year!

We even offer factory tours, so you get a first-hand look at the integrity of what we do.

We are proud Oregonians, and proud Portlanders through and through.

Foil-covered chocolate roses
Our bouquet box of roses, perfect for Portland's Rose Festival

Make sure you also check out Portland's Rose Festival, kicking off this Friday, May 24th. It runs through June 9th!

There are tons of events surrounding the festival including a parade, fireworks, a carnival, and plenty of other things to do around the city. It spotlights so many things Portland and really is an event you don't want to miss, right on Portland's Waterfront!

Catch an itinerary of things to do here.


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