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Yikes, it's April!

Blog, blog, blog, oh what I wouldn’t give at times for someone else to write my blog! Apparently they tell me it wouldn’t be MY blog if someone else wrote it for me ,gosh darn it 🤨 . April fool’s Day, Easter, Tax Day, Earth Day 🌎 (whatever that is) ... every month is full of its own special days. Other than my kiddos' birthday on the 21st and Easter when it has the decency to fall in April.... I think the month of April kind of bites. It’s a transition month.

When you wake up, you don’t now if it’s going to rain or shine🌦.... most often it does both several times a day. Sandals or Uggs, sweater or t-shirt, rain coat or no coat, margaritas and a bbq outside or hot tea and a blanket inside.... who the heck knows! Am I just realizing how much I truly dislike April?

Confusing weather, ominous impending tax day... for those of us who don’t like deadlines this is the mother of all deadlines....allergy season🤧 and a flat month for sales. I wonder if I had woke up in a better mood if there would be anything good about April? I suppose the silver lining is that June is only 2 months away and in June school lets out which means I can blissfully return to my bohemian lifestyle of no schedules and random road trips in the middle of the week... can’t hardly wait!

In following with the trend of indecision that April hands us, we have changed our truffles ... yet again. We went from 18 flavors down to 9 flavors because we weren’t selling them well. What makes perfect sense is that we then decided to increase the flavors to 20.... because they don’t sell 😂.. It’s good in business to go big or go home...right??? I am actually very excited about our new improved collection of truffles and we are confident and going with the theory that if we make it......they will come😜



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