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No Tricks, Just Treats

Hey y'all,

I'm excited to be bringing you this month's edition of Kipi's Blog.

My name is CJ and I am new here to the Candy Basket family.

I'd like to start by stating that I am, in fact, a candy connoisseur. I eat a lot of sugar and usually can't be stopped once I start. Seems like I might be in just the right place for that. :}

Anyway- enough about me and my candy addiction and onto the candy!


This year our team has outdone themselves with the amount of work they've all put into our Fall Collection of goodies.

We've got everything from chocolate turkeys to adorn your table for Thanksgiving dinner to pumpkin spice caramel corn and even some bat poop! HA! It's actually just marshmallows covered in chocolate (but I'm sure you could trick a few people 😏)

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the season. This year we've not only completely revised our candy line, we've also been trying out some new décor in our factory outlet store. If you haven't stopped by yet, come on in and take a whiff of chocolate while getting a little spooked. You may even end up seeing a ghost...…….. or maybe you'd just find the candy you knew you were missing in your life. I think it's time for you to make the plunge to find out. Our paranormal/chocolate experts are on standby.

Alas, there is more than one holiday in Autumn. Our beloved day of cooking, drinking wine, eating, drinking wine, gorging yourself on too much chocolate and pumpkin pie, and drinking a little wine is right around the corner.

If you're into entertaining for the holidays and intend on having anyone over at your house, you might want to clean out your closet before they arrive..... but more importantly you'd better be fixing to have a highly edited, perfectly proper table setting. OR ELSE.

Just kidding.

But the thing is: we've got the perfect little topper

for any old set up. We've taken the liberty to clone

and shrink young turkeys, and we've asked them to

pose for us while we have our extremely talented

chocolatiers sculpt them out of the finest chocolate.

They're only here for a limited time, so make sure

to stop by and pick them up before they're


Another fun treat is that we're ramping up to offer factory tours to anyone wanting to take a step into Candy Land and view the sweet process in person. Factory tours will be offered in groups of 6 or more, and pricing will depend on the details. To get more information, come on into the retail shop or give us a call. You can also email to gather more details.

You may or may not be forced to eat chocolate..... just saying.

Keep your eyes peeled on Kipi's Blog to see more information on our Halloween happenings, Thanksgiving thoughts, and

Autumn awesomeness.

For now, that's all folks.

Thanks for reading!

Remember to order online here.

Or come and visit our retail shop anytime from 9am-6pm.


Norman "CJ" Bennett

Sales & Digital Marketing

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