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Exciting News Update

"Once upon a time, long ago, there was a world renowned candy maker. While they carried the title of most historical candy maker, they also carried the title of the most unique candy maker around.

One fine day, this particular candy maker decided to close his doors. This came as a shock to the world.

Fast forward several years, and buzz started to arise that the factory may be opening.

There was a catch...

FIVE golden tickets were rumored to be hiding inside of some magical candy bars. Five lucky people would eventually come across these golden tickets that would allow them to visit the beloved and mysterious factory once again..."

Recently, we've made a pretty big move. Like the famous story, we too have decided to re-open our factory for tours. While we may not be as wonky or as elusive as this great candy maker expressed in my short story, we did once offer tours of our factory. Fast forward several years and for many different reasons, our factory became closed to the public. While this came as a shock to our home state and city, avid tour-seekers were unable to return to one of the most interesting factories around.

We're excited to announce that we're finally inviting the general public into our company to see firsthand how we do what we do. So far, we've received very positive feedback. At this point in time I believe we've done it under the radar. Getting the word out and becoming

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