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We're almost halfway there

I can’t believe I completely missed the whole month of May 😔. I wish I had a good excuse like I was traveling abroad or remodeling my home but the fact is, time just got away from me. One would have thought someone could have covered my behind for May, but alas I can hardly expect anyone to step in with the unique insight and clever wit that I possess😜.

I am presently at school because my son didn’t finish his success book... (kind of unsuccessful...lmao) not sure where he gets not meeting deadlines from🤔. Regardless he was not going to be allowed to participate in any of the 5th grade final celebrations... so... mom to the rescue ....we hammered it out in an hour and I'm now waiting on my daughter to finish her field day rounds so that we can add the borders, pictures, and the emoji necessary to truly make this a keepsake for Nick.

I am incredibly fortunate that we have been blessed with possibly the best fifth grade teacher on the planet. She called me and gave me the choice of what to do about Nick not finishing his book. The rule is, no success book, no celebration activities. My first impulse being the hothead that I am was to declare the book ridiculous and not make him do it...I mean why force a kid to write a book about themselves for the sole purpose of a memory he has zero interest in having? Ultimately, I am the one stuck with the book AND the guilt of tossing it either as soon as it comes home or in 10 years after I read it again and have myself a good cry realizing time has slipped away and I feel super old. After stopping to think for a minute....which is really really hard for me.... I decided it was time that Nick realize the consequences of his actions or lack thereof. I feel like a much better mom making him finish his “stupid” book, and it inspired me to get my “stupid” blog done! Amazing how things work out😁.

June is the half way mark... we are 6 months to Christmas and locking down all the fourth quarter business we can get! Some exciting new business that has come our way is Man Crate, an awesome website with gifts for men and MOIC better known as the Museum of Ice Cream. The MOIC has been an exotic ride... developing amazing flavor profiles with their trendy team in New York. If you haven’t heard of the museum, be sure to look it up... super cool...I mean who wouldn’t want to swim in a pool of sprinkles?? Makes me think we should figure out how to let people soak in a hot tub of chocolate but somehow that just sounds gross.... sprinkles tub of chocolate.... disgusting. School is out and I can’t wait to hit the road with the kids! I hope to report some amazing adventures. Stay tuned!

Sweetly Kipi

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