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Decorating for Valentine's

It all started out with a simple request posted on WTF Just Happened in Gresham.

As a way to ring in the beginning of our holiday season we place a single toy soldier on either side of our front entrance. They're fun, they're festive, and they're definitely eye-catching.


Once the holiday season is over though we put them away. After they're gone it feels like we're missing something.. a key component to the Candy Basket aesthetic 🍫.

So we put out a request to the world (via Facebook of course) and the community came through. Someone tagged their friend and sooner or later we're messaging the Wood Shop teacher at Reynolds High School.

A couple of students got to work and now we have a dozen wooden hearts. A dozen? Yes, a dozen. We want every car that passes by this Love Season to think, "Yep, that's definitely where I need to get Valentine's Day candy." We want even the most clueless to come in. And don't worry, once you're our customer you're no longer clueless. Our retail employees will help make the process as painless as possible 😏



We've painted the first coat

Our hearts placed outside the entrance to the Candy Basket

Candy Basket

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