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Greetings and happy new year.

I am finally back from the Bermuda Triangle... what a trip, didn’t think I would find my way out. It was quite a project taking Christmas down at the house, luckily I was able to bribe my daughter and her boyfriend into taking my tree down which is no easy feat considering it was 14 feet tall. Payment for this task was a fully stocked liquor cabinet, and at 24 years of age, who’s not gonna jump on that offer...they thought they were getting a pretty good deal until they realized they needed the roof ladder to get the ornaments from the top of the tree and that I wrapped all the branches with lights because every Christmas tree requires a minimum of 5000 twinkle lights. Then of course when they moved the tree, which weighed a ton, any needles that managed to survive the dismantling fell off before they got it outside.

Can you imagine how many needles are on a fourteen feet noble fir? Needle-less to say..😜, I made a pretty good deal... of course being the Mom I am, I did go overboard on the liquor cabinet, right down to swizzle sticks, cherries, olives, toothpicks, little umbrellas, pickled asparagus, green beans, Tabasco, Worcestershire, rimming salt.... not to mention all the important liquors and liqueurs.... lets just say I am waiting on my invite for Sunday brunch and I will be expecting a killer Bloody Mary!

So far I am batting 1000 on broken resolutions.... my diet lasted 4 days, the kids have each missed school days, and my blog is late... GO ME! There’s always next year!

2018 brings the hope of new direction and exciting and constant changes to improve our business. We started Yelp check-in which would be way more exciting to me if I knew exactly what it was😳, but apparently if you check in you get 10% off your purchase so that’s pretty cool... just think... if you are a senior that was in the military that checked in on yelp... it’s a trifecta...we don’t generally combined discounts, however, I am gonna give you 30% off just because if you’re a senior that was in the military that is reading my blog and you are savvy enough to check in on Yelp... you totally deserve 30% off! Another thing to be in the look out for is our offering on Groupon ....I’m telling you, the best thing we ever did was to hire Co. I completely blame/credit her and Amber for Yelp, Groupon, the webpage, this stupid blog, and the makeover on the retail store. It’s really great being current and a part of 2018!

Here’s a look at the progress of our store. It's currently going through a Valentine’s makeover!

Sweetly, Kipi

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