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Welcome to the Candy Basket family. I am Kipi Doran, and this is my family business. We have been around for well over 100 years and I have personally been involved since I was fourteen years old. I cannot give you exact dates as I have zero interest in divulging my age over the world wide web…if people want to know that, they will just have to stalk me via Google…regardless I have been involved in the candy industry since the stone age of paper, pen, and typewriters! Seriously at this very moment I am actually hand writing my blog on my trusty legal pad with my blue ball point pen.

Two months ago, we as a company finally decided it was time for us to catch up with the rest of society. We hired a fantastic social media person who has dragged us kicking and screaming from the dinosaur age. I am proud to say we are tweeting, posting, blogging and pinning….those are just the things I know, I’m sure we are doing other things as well that my archaic brain can’t wrap itself around quite yet….baby steps...right??

It’s unanimous that our old web page left little to be desired which is why we are so excited to launch our new web page. We have so many amazing items to share with you including our delicious everyday chocolate line, fun holiday items, and our new collection of hand rolled truffles.

Keep your eyes open for future posts. I can hardly wait to share some amazing recipes, fun gift ideas, and creative crafts all involving our candy.



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