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Taffy season is upon us

My hands are covered in candy! I just got back from helping production. For some reason during this season I always find myself being pulled into the back 🤔. By this season, I mean taffy season 🍬. I get sucked into working on taffy partially because we're booming with business...partially because I'm the best taffy puller. I guess I should be happy that we're busy (and I am) but I rather be enjoying another season... summer ☀️ ! I just want to go back to the Coast (which is gorgeous this time of year).

I actually don't mind pulling taffy. I get to show my production team that I still got it 💪. Here's a fun fact: Shorthill Taffy Factory boast four generations of women manufacturing the finest quality and variety of salt water taffy.

Anyways! I always joke about getting someone else to write this stupid blog, but not this month. We're shorthanded and busy so this month I'm bestowing it upon my marketing person. Yay for not having to write this blog of mine! 😏

We've got taffy and more!

I don't have half the casual cool confidence of Kipi (my boss), so let's just get through this month shall we?

As Kipi mentioned it's taffy season so she's in the back pulling taffy and I'm tasked with giving the scoop on what's new. We introduced new flavors to our Ganache Line: S'mores, Toffee, Meyers Lemon, Oregon Marionberry. I'm especially digging the S'mores Truffle because you can taste the melted marshmallows mixed into the chocolate. And our Strawberry Champagne got a new look. They legit sparkle✨! I won't even bother saying they're too pretty to eat, because it didn't take me more than 3 seconds to cram half of it in my mouth the first time I saw them.

We also moved the popcorn machine from our warehouse into our retail store 🍿. So we're getting things poppin' and offering fresh popcorn to our customers. I don't even mind the office spelling like popcorn, but I do have the urge to watch a movie. But I'll wait until I get home because I can't imagine Kipi being too keen on that (Kipi if you're reading this - I'm very hardworking 😇).

I'll end the July blog here. I added a lot of photos to distract from the lack of wit in this blog! But we'll be back to the regularly scheduled programming next month.



P.S. "This blog better not get more likes and clicks than my usual blog entries. Because this is my blog of course!" - Kipi

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