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Happy February

Good lord help me, I have suffered from writer’s block…stupid blog.

February is a month filled with high expectations and devastating blows of disappointment. Why is it when we tell a man we don’t want or need anything for Valentine’s Day, they actually believe us, I mean good gosh were they all born yesterday? 👀 Call me old fashioned, but any man that shows up without a gift of at least chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day deserves to sleep with the dogs. It’s not that I think a man’s love is directly equal to the amount he spends on a gift, it's about the time invested in thinking about me. Money has nothing to do with the perfect gift regardless of how much I am actually worth which I might say is A LOT like Tiffany jewelry and a new Missoni jacket A Lot…hehehe. I don’t mind at all buying my own gifts for Christmas, I even wrap them sometimes and place them under the tree…SOMETIMES I even wear them first and if I can’t bear to wrap them up I go buy myself more to put under the tree…I hate it when that happens…not even! 😉 Valentine’s day is different, there is no free pass, and you can’t really buy yourself a Valentine gift cause that would just be sad…So your guy has to step up to the plate or pay the consequences. Here’s to hoping no one has to sleep with the dogs this month! 🐶🏠

Now that January is under our belt and we have settled into 2018, our motto is keep things changing until it feels right. If anyone really knows me they know it is impossible for me to do anything in baby steps…I am definitely an “all-in” kind of gal. As we search to redefine ourselves as a company it’s easy to recognize what isn’t working…sadly that would be about half of all of my brightest ideas last year, but because I vowed to be a cup half full person this year that means that the other half of my brightest ideas have at least stuck…which means I’m batting 500???? 😏

Our Groupon offer was a massive success, sold out in only 5 days, so that was really exciting for our first offer. We will be doing another offer in March. We are changing up our product line, getting rid of some “colossal” mistakes and replacing them with what we do best…more caramel! Coffee caramel, Strawberry Balsamic caramel, Mt Hood caramel, along with bringing back some old time favs like honey chewy nougat and molasses mint chews. I am always at my best when I am driving production crazy, and boy am I driving them caffe mocha vodka valium latte crazy. 🎉

Next month I promise to include a yummy Lemon 🍋 Meringue Pie recipe…cause its my fav!



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