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It's about that time...

What the heck? Where did the month go already? It’s nearing mid month and I was supposed to get this stupid blog....I mean this insightful, super fun, informative blog done by October 1. It seems I am late, not just in turning in my blog that I am writing in pencil on my trusty legal pad...just sayin....I am also the last one on the block to put up my Halloween decorations which I fully intend on doing this weekend, along with laundry.

October is one of my favorite months, the leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and we can start shipping chocolates without fear of melting to most of the country. October also represents the beginning of the holiday season which I love, but truth be told, the best part of October is that my comfy, cozy, amazingly shape-hiding, oversized sweaters along with my

ankle, calf, knee, thigh high boots come out of the closet! It’s what a girl wants, what a girl needs! Lol.

Enough about me, back to business. We have some really great new items this season, one of my favorites is our Give Thanks chocolate box. Who wouldn’t want a solid chocolate box and lid filled with a fancy variety of candy basket chocolates? This makes a great hostess gift and because we aim to please, you can even custom order this box filled with your favorites provided they fit mind you. I think the box would be darling filled with pumpkin spice creams. Now that I think about it I can’t imagine why I didn’t offer it this way in the first place?

Actually I think I tried to but was vetoed, damn democracy in the workplace! Well, no one gets to dictate what I offer via MY blog, so Give Thanks box filled with pumpkin spice creams is now officially offered. Ha!

Hoping everyone has a safe and happy Halloween

Sweetly, Kipi

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