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Make changes using markups with text and links, and keep track of what’s changed.Scan your drawings directly into Inventor, AutoCAD, and Google Earth, and import and edit them with other applications.Markup Assist lets you create and edit your own customized markups.Inventor 2020Inventor 2020 is an update to Microsoft’s software for engineering and CAD-based 3D modeling. Inventor 2020 is designed to work better in AutoCAD, supporting better collaboration between Inventor and AutoCAD. Inventor 2020 also adds new features to the design engine, such as next-generation support for auto-collaboration, real-time feedback, and modern drawing capabilities.Inventor 2020 is available at and on the Microsoft store for Windows, macOS, and Linux.New features in Inventor 2020Markup-based 2D drawing capabilities:Enter the "Freeform" markup tool to create freeform drawing primitives such as circles, circles with holes, arcs, rectangles, and lines of any length and angle.Markup-based 3D drawing capabilities:Access the "Freeform 3D" markup tool to create freeform 3D drawing primitives such as spheres, cubes, cylinders, and planes.New features in AutoCAD:New tools for co-authoring:Make changes to AutoCAD drawings using your own custom markups. Markup-based drawing and editing makes it simple to make changes in AutoCAD. Use your own freeform markups to create, edit, and track changes.Collaborate with others using AutoCAD group sessions:Inventor and AutoCAD have both supported group sessions for many years. With AutoCAD group sessions, you can collaborate with others in the drawing while you are working on the drawing, and they can view your changes, make suggestions, and view progress on the drawing.AutoCAD 2020AutoCAD 2020 includes the following new features and changes:AutoCAD-to-CAD collaborative editing with Inventor:Make changes to the same drawing with ease by using AutoCAD and Inventor as a co-authoring environment. Inventor’s markups integrate with AutoCAD 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [2022-Latest]

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