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Our most popular handcrafted chocolate placed in our classic and luxurious Signature Gold Boxes.


Fancy Assorted: A perfect hostess box of the best pieces we have to offer. This assortment includes nuts, chews, creams, peanut butter, just to name a few.

Creams: A perfect hostess box containing lovely collection of creams only. Perfect for those who don’t like nuts and chews.

Nuts & Chews: A perfect hostess box featuring only nuts and chews.

Truffles: A perfect hostess box of assorted velvet meltaway truffles.


One 12 oz. box 


*Our Signature Gold Boxes are made frequently. Some boxes will vary based on what's popular that weekend.

Medium Signature Gold Box

  • Please be advised that this product is extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Between the months of June through October, we are unable to ship chocolates with standard shipping.

    If you would like to order this item, please call us at (503) 666-2000 to place a phone order with expedited shipping.

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